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Charming & lively, a dinner at Anatolia could be a great choice for a date or a dinner with friends. My visit was of the latter variety & lasted over 2 hours as we sampled several appetizers such as the hummus & filo cheese pastry. The Turkish white wine was also enjoyed by three of the four at our table (myself included) & was quite good. Heavy pour at $9 a glass.

I let the waiter choose my meal for me giving him the options of the homemade ravioli or Iskender kabob. He assured me that the iskender was the better choice & I rolled with that. It was very good & the tomato sauce on the top added a nice acidic quality to the salty thinly sliced meat below it. It’s all served on top of a pita as well so you get all that flavor soaked into it when you finished. Rice was tasty as well. Veggies were not impressive though and needed the yogurt sauce to overcome the bland taste that grilled veggies sometimes have (carrot being the better of the options surprisingly though).

Id come back to try the lamb chops!

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